Hubsta is to become Mer

We’re joining the Mer network with the ambition to create the most driver-centric network in the UK.

Following on from Mer’s recent acquisition of Elmtronics, our charge point back-office software, Hubsta, will upgrade to the Mer network.

This will increase driver choice by adding over 500 public charge points to our network as well as bringing further investment and developments to the Operator and Driver software.

Who is Mer?

Mer is a European company composed of several electric mobility businesses and owned by Norway’s renewable energy company, Statkraft. Founded in 2020, Mer encompasses a wide range of long-standing experiences with a mission to make sustainable electric mobility easy and accessible for drivers, fleets, businesses and public bodies.

The Mer electric charging network is growing rapidly with the ambition to keep people and businesses moving across the UK – and throughout Europe.

What does this mean for my business?

Your charge points will be switched over to the Mer back-office portal. This will happen in person with an on-site visit by one of our engineers.

Your charge points will be rebranded from Hubsta to Mer. This will not affect any of our customers with their own branded charge points.

You will be provided with a log-in to a new Operator Portal.

When will this happen?

During the months of March to May, we will be getting in touch with every one of our customers to arrange a site visit.

What will happen on site?

We’ll need to be on-site to:

  • Switch over the SIM within the charge point
  • Re-sticker any Hubsta posts with Mer (this will not impact on any customers with bespoke branding).

The visit should take around 30 mins – 1 hour per charger. You do not need to be present during our visit but our engineer will be on hand to answer any questions should you have them.

Will my charge points change?

No. your charge points will remain exactly the same. All that will change is that they are now on a new network and your Operator Portal login will change.

Privately listed chargers 

If your charge points are listed as private (ie not accessible to the public or visible on EV maps), once they’ve been upgraded, individual EV drivers will no longer be able to charge unless:

  • they charge using a fleet fob; or 

  • they are registered on the Mer Connect UK app; and 

  • you have provided us with their name and email as a way of authorisation. 

Can you please ask your EV drivers to download the Mer Connect app in preparation for the switch. Could you then kindly send us a list of their names and email addresses to 

Will my access to the charge points change (RFID card or app)?

Any RFID cards that you received as part of your commercial package will be transferred over to the network so you can continue to use your Hubsta card. This will help to avoid any disruption to your operations as well as saving valuable plastic.

Any individual drivers using your charge points through a personal account on the Hubsta app will need to set up a new account with Mer Connect. You can sign up for a Mer account here

How do I access the new Operator Portal?

Before our engineer visits the site you will receive an email with your new login information. As soon as the switch over takes place your charge points will appear on the new Portal. 

Are the features any different from the Hubsta portal?

The Mer Operator Portal is a leading back-office platform with a broad range of capabilities. It has all the features you’re used to from Hubsta and many more. It will allow you to continue to manage and monitor your charge points as you do now with added features. The new software allows you to:

  • Set user type access to the charge points (employees/ fleet/public) and what tariffs each pays
  • Real time visibility of occupied or offline charge points
  • See day-to-day use and live updates of the network
  • Self-healing functionality, where the Operator Portal itself identifies and tries to fix any charger faults
  • Access to a wide range of analytics and reporting such as transaction data fault reports and network utilisation
  • Integration with a large range of different hardware solutions

New features coming soon:

  • Booking system for drivers
  • Overstay fees and notifications
  • Parking charge
  • Charger load management
  • Dedicated fleet management modules
Will the upgrade cost more?

No. The upgrade will be done free of charge and all annual subscription fees remain the same. 

Will I still be able to roam with my Hubsta card?

Unfortunately, during this switch-over period, roaming using the Hubsta card will be suspended which means that you won’t be able to access other networks with your Hubsta card.

The Mer network does cover inbound roaming agreements with a number of different charge cards. Drivers using: Allstar, New Motion, Electric Juice, Paua and Zap-Map cards can all use these to charge on a Mer charger.

Will my Hubsta back-office contract change?

No. Your contract will remain the same with the start and end dates remaining as when you signed up with us. 

What will happen to Hubsta?

By 31 May the Hubsta network will be closed down and all charge points will be moved to the Mer Connect network and Operator portal.

Will I still be able to view old transactions?

Access to the Hubsta back office portal, to view transactions, will remain live for an extended period and you will be able to access these with your existing logins.

What do I need to do now?

There’s no need to do anything right now. If we haven’t already contacted you to arrange your switch over we will be shortly. 



Download our Operator Portal Guide and How to Charge Guide for your EV driving employees/colleagues below. 
Mer Operator Portal user guide
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